Research shows that only 25% of British managers are actually trained to manage (Charles Handy report). People who are good at what they do are promoted, but are often not then trained to manage people and resources. The negative results of this can be far reaching – for the individual, the people that he or she is managing and the company itself.

Perhaps. . . offers a range of training courses to ensure that your managers are well equipped to handle their role.

Our training is usually tailor-made to the requirements of individual companies. We have carefully developed a style of training that creates an extraordinary training room experience, and an environment of trust that enables your people to explore deep seated beliefs that hold them back from achieving their best.


The performance of a team can be inhibited by many factors – personality clashes, poor management, negativity from one or more team member(s), inexperienced team members, lack of organisation and much more.

Our bespoke courses are developed to meet the specific needs of individual teams. Before the course, we will spend time speaking to various members of your team and company members outside of the team to ensure that we view the situation from all perspectives and pick up any subtle nuances.

With the information gathered and your stated outcomes we will develop a course that will hit the nail right on the head and generate an excellent result for your bottom line.

Our team training offers a variety of benefits to ensure that individuals within your team are happy and working at peak performance, and therefore the performance of the team itself is significantly improved. We can:

  • Help to resolve conflicts and resentments
  • Increase motivation
  • Improve communication
  • Improve the way in which individuals and the team work together
  • Develop leaders
  • Highlight team blind spots
  • Help the team to develop and achieve its vision and mission
  • Establish team values and measurable team goals
  • Improve the performance of the team

Topics and areas covered in our training programmes include the following and more:

  • Becoming a more effective & relaxed manager - 3 levels - supervisory, lower management and middle management
  • Leadership styles & team building
  • Motivating
  • Empowering
  • Delegation
  • The power of self-esteem
  • Presentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Making meetings more effective
  • Improving communication
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Negotiation skills
  • Time management
  • Change management
  • Project planning
  • Coaching skills
  • Counselling skills
  • Recruitment & selection
  • Appraisal skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Disciplinary & grievance procedures
  • Managing absence
  • Managing diversity
  • Effective writing


Each module will be tailor-made to your requirements for each of three levels of management: supervisory, lower management and middle management. The times can be adjusted to your needs. The modules of the program can be used individually, collectively as a package, or, assembled as you need for your particular department, group of managers/supervisors, or organization.

Who is this Program For?

It is for the tactical aspects of management and is aimed at hands-on managers who have the authority and personal skills to supervise, manage or direct operations and at the higher level contribute to organizational strategy. It is also aimed at those who aspire to be in such a role.

Program Aim

The aim of this program is to enable operational supervisors and managers to improve their management and leadership choices by means of:

  • Aligning plans, decisions and actions with organizational objectives for effective performance
  • Optimum utilization of resources for efficient performance
  • Effective communications
  • Development of the team as a coherent, mutually supportive and motivated group of people who, with the manager, share a common vision and purpose.

In particular the program will focus on department objectives, for example:

  • leadership and management development
  • commercial awareness
  • the regulatory environment.

Assessment Methods

We offer a range of assessment methods to suit your requirements and to achieve an internally or externally prescribed qualification, or if you chose, no assessment at all. In each session we will evaluate individual performance using methods that include: case studies, groups and individual exercises, role-plays, videoed assessments and reflections.


Cost is based on the following:

  • Consultation on course requirements
  • Design and development of course materials
  • Delivery of training with one trainer
  • Number of delegates in class
  • Local travel and subsistence costs

For the leadership and behavioral modules the course will require two trainers.

Printing costs are in addition.


Cancellation within 4 weeks half the fee. Cancellation within 2 weeks the full fee



“Pauleen created and delivered two successful team building sessions for my team. The objectives were to encourage increased communication across the team, build relationships, learn about each other, improve our behaviour towards each other and, above all, have fun. I inherited a team which worked as two independent units and it was vital to the continual success of our team to pull the two units together. Pauleen embraced the objectives and create two clearly focused training days. We were able to investigate some of the issues that were important to individuals in the group with a view to continual improvement as a team. The result: we created an evaluation performa that was devised and agreed to by the team to use as a tool to monitor progress. It was a great team experience and we are continually improving as a team as result of the work we did with Pauleen.”

Marketing director, car auction company

“What a lovely lady! We had such a productive meeting, we seemed to be talking the same language and Pauleen clearly had spent quite some time doing research and preparing for our chat. We made great progress and I just felt so comfortable that she understands what we need and that she will deliver.”

HR director, international telecoms company

“I just wanted to thank you again for last week. This afternoon I have held a very successful session on the performance management stuff we did. All of the team leaders and the call centre managers are now totally sold and subscribing to the counselling method, giving the associate complete ownership of their own development. They, like me, where mainly advising, and the exercises we did have totally changed their minds. I have done two coaching sessions since my return, both hugely successful leaving us both buzzing with renewed enthusiasm. Definitely the most important training I have been on all year”.

Call centre manager, international telecoms company

“To get people to look at new ways of doing things is not easy but to get them to accept new ways and for them to then influence others is a fantastic achievement.”

Director of training international telecoms company

“Getting to know more about myself and people’s perceptions of me gives me confidence to face the challenge.”

Local government officer

“I get a sense of us pulling together in the future and believe we have the tools to make it happen and to get back on track when we veer off.”

Estate manager

“When I didn’t understand it was great how you dropped everything and explained to me all about what we were doing.”

Voluntary play worker working in a local government initiative

“The easiness in which we all communicated with each other. Makes me feel better about myself. I’ve learnt a lot. Good fun, good food, good company. I just felt totally at ease to speak my mind and it made me realise a lot of things about me - and it was fun too!”

Partnership board member

“All of it has made me value myself and the work I do. It will also help me value people more.”

Manager of government funded community centre

“To work with the project I can do something about has relit my fire and my passion, something I haven’t had for a while.”

Partnership board member

Comments from participants of a mastering management training course for mid-senior managers of an international telecoms company:

“It provided focus on the all the main aspects of management whilst not being a daunting programme.”

“The sessions were structured to facilitate maximum output through many learning techniques e.g group work, self study, role play, presentation experience, sharing and enables learning through other people who, in my case, were a lot more experienced in management.”

“The workbooks were logically laid out and the mini exercises do get you to think about what you are reading and ensure you are taking it in - they are great in conjunction with the course tutoring.”

“It improved my confidence and knowledge of the processes of management - an area where most organisations trip up!”

“It didn't matter if you missed a module due to illness – they are self contained and therefore can be done at a later stage in the rolling programme.”
“The notes were very comprehensive and resulted in me maintaining my own 'management bible' which I can use over and over.”

“Meeting with other managers in the company led to better working relationships and knowledge sharing which has helped everyone in their jobs.”

“It does get you to seriously review your management performance against the best practice techniques covered.”

“You put people at ease - your techniques were very good at breaking down the barriers in the group (whilst respecting people's beliefs).”

“A disciplined approach led to positive behaviours in the sessions from the participants, e.g. timekeeping, preparation & respect to others.”

“Despite it being a large group you read how people were reacting & absorbing course content.”

“You enabled me to take a 'step back' & 'objective' angle on issues facing me. You helped me to come up with the solutions to the issues that I was having via rational thinking.”

Comments from other course attendees:

“Your style of delivery is excellent – you don’t judge people or try to belittle people. You provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere for people to open up. It was relaxed, non-threatening.”

“Thank you so much for being such a driving force to provide such a well-planned course. Your loving energy just brightens the room you are in. I can still see your glowing smile when I think of you. It warms my heart. You inspired me to say “Yes” to some physical pain I was feeling and to be more ‘in the moment’. Thank you.”

“I have been blessed to have met you and experienced you. I hope our paths cross again soon!”

“I just wanted to formally write and thank you for your class last night and for the guidance that you've shown me since I’ve been here in New York. This morning I had a breakthrough I realized that I came to New York because I’d lost my courage in my acting and writing and I wanted it back! And what I realized this morning through the work we did is instead of writing a drama I’m really running one or living one. In this instance it’s of crazy artist and that’s not what I want…at this stage the fear remains but I feel like I’m onto it. This work is literally saving my time here right now. I'm really grateful for the long term commitment you have invested in it that allows you to pass your wisdom on to me and others. Thank you I look forward to next week and what little pearls will be hidden under the rocks.”

What others have said about us

Thanks Pauleen, I think the day was positive and the evaluation reflected this.

To whom it may concern

Pauleen and Bob planned and delivered a team building training day on behalf of Manheim Auctions Leeds. Pauleen planned the training days based around the companies needs and my set objectives. The day flowed extremely well, the activities were appropriate, planned and well coordinated. The evaluation showed that the team enjoyed the day and felt that they were "bonding" more fully as a result. Pauleen and Bob are extremely competent trainers, charismatic presenters and warm people. I look for ward to working with then again

Sharon Platt
Marketing Director
Manheim Auctions
Tel: 08704440407
Mobile: 07767845815

Dear Pauleen

I just wanted to thank you again for last week. This afternoon I have held a very successful session on the performance management stuff we did last week. All of the Team Leaders and the Call Centre Manager are now totally sold and subscribing to the 'counselling' method, giving the associate complete ownership of their own development. They like me where mainly advising, and the exercises we did have totally changed their minds. I myself have done two coaching session since my return, both hugely successful leaving us both buzzing with renewed enthusiasm. Thanks very much Pauleen. Definitely the most important training I have been on all year.

Lisa Melia
CMC Manager Westminster & Milton Keynes
01484 313062


For some managers, training courses aren't the best option. Everyone prefers to learn in different ways and, for many, one-to-one coaching is preferred to a group classroom session. Click here for details of our coaching for business.