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Much of our behaviour as adults is influenced by beliefs and values ...

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Our sessions and programmes are entirely tailor-made. We'll endeavour to...

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What people have said about us've really helped me to get some clarity back. I am so grateful...



Some clients approach us when they’ve reached a crisis or when they have an issue to resolve. Some, however, don’t have anything to fix at all, they just want ongoing support in getting the very most out of their journey through life. Others want helping in setting a new direction, achieving career goals or improving their team’s performance. 

Whatever your reason for coming to Perhaps . . ., we’ll help you to see how what you believe and do contributes to what happens in your life and career. We’ll help you to define the changes that you want to make, ignite your motivation to make them and support you in the actions that will make the changes happen. 

Personal coaching is particularly effective for the following three groups. We can help: 

  • Young adults to create a vision for your life and career, become ready for promotion, develop motivation and focus, create and develop relationships and plan your finances.
  • Mid-lifers to adjust your life vision or create a new one, helping you to move successfully through the challenges of career, family and relationships and to balance and prioritise the important areas of their life. Calming stress and clutter busting is a particular speciality of ours!
  • Those in a life transition to reawaken their verve for life, creating and living a new vision and dropping old baggage while retaining the all important experiences that inform their new life.


Much of our behaviour as adults is influenced by beliefs and values that became entrenched in childhood, and are cemented firmly in place by subsequent events in our lives. Without us even being aware of them, these beliefs act as an unconscious, mental map of the world. They affect everything we do; how we relate to other people and build relationships, how we react in certain situations, how we develop our careers, how we live our lives.

As our behaviour is guided by our beliefs, we can’t make significant changes without changing some of them. Unless our beliefs are challenged, we revert to old, familiar, often inappropriate, behaviour when the pressure is on. We go down the same path on which we’ve travelled many times before; a path that isn’t giving happiness, satisfaction or the results that we want.

Perhaps . . . coaches will help you to discover your unconscious beliefs and behaviours and support you in deciding if they are useful to you. We’ll help you to alter your mental map of the world, to set goals and to explore new ways of behaving to achieve a level of happiness and success that you may not have believed possible.

We’ll help you to monitor your progress and to challenge and support any regression. The changes that you’ll experience will be significant and sustainable and we’ll be there to celebrate them with you. We’ll also be by your side as you continue on your journey, facing new challenges and setting new goals.



Our sessions and programmes are entirely tailor-made. We’ll endeavour to fit in with your schedule so that you can have your coaching sessions at the right time for you.

We offer one-to-one, couples and group coaching. Most of our clients prefer the privacy and convenience of coaching by telephone or Skype. However, if logistics allow, we can also meet face-to-face at a place where you feel comfortable.

Sessions can be whatever suits you best, I recommend every two weeks and usually last one or two hours, depending on your preference.

To arrange a FREE 30-minute coaching session, please click here.



We choose not to ask clients to sign contracts, but to operate on a system of honour and trust. We’ll discuss fees during our first point of contact and these are paid after each session, unless otherwise agreed.

We appreciate that diaries/schedules change and we will endeavour to rearrange sessions if possible but, in order to protect our business, if you cancel within seven days of your session you must pay half of the fee and if you cancel within two days of your session you must pay the full fee.

During your first session we’ll discuss your objectives and set one or more goals. We’ll then work towards these in this, if time allows, and future sessions. Often, as our work progresses, people realise that their objectives have changed and they have different goals. Our work is extremely flexible and fluid and will support you on life’s journey as you change focus, face new challenges and generate new aims.

Of course, absolutely everything that is discussed in our coaching sessions is confidential.

Perhaps . . . coaches will not be held responsible for any actions you take or don’t take following your coaching – these actions are always your choice.



A Perhaps . . . coach will help you to get the very most out of life, whether you want to improve your relationships, get through a crisis, inject more excitement into your life, overcome obstacles or achieve specific goals. 

Our goal is to become a reliable, impartial and trusted element in your life. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you to make resounding changes. We will enable you to:

  • Define and set your personal goals
  • Change behaviours that don’t help you
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Enjoy more open, fulfilling, loving relationships
  • Make decisions that you’ve been avoiding
  • Be more effective at work
  • Stopping being a doormat
  • Be more assertive
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Live a much happier and fulfilling life


Thank you so much for helping me to see things. You are an amazing coach, I am so glad you are in my life. Thank you.”

~ DO

You helped me to separate 'the wood from the trees' and enabled me to see things how they really were, not how I was personally taking things. Thank you so much. As always, you’ve really helped me to get some clarity back. I am so grateful and feel much better. You too are a very special woman and I'm lucky to have you as my coach. I stand in true admiration.”

~ Associate PR director




During your free 30-minute coaching session we’ll discuss your aims and identify a goal to work towards, giving you a chance to experience how we work and a starting point for further development.


Whatever you want to know, whether it’s about coaching in general, or something specific about our coaching services, click here to ask us a question.