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Today, successful leaders and managers recognise that the key to success...

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Sending managers on training courses isn’t always the best way to improve an individual’s performance. Research shows that managers learn best when their personal learning style and needs are addressed, and this cannot usually be achieved in group training.

Increasingly, one-to-one coaching is seen as the most cost-effective way of developing individuals, providing outstanding benefits for both those being coached and the people that he or she manages.

Most managers have the technical and business skills to do their job. Problems tend to arise when an aspect of their behaviour interferes with how they do their job and interact with others. Such issues don’t lend themselves to classroom training.

Performance improvement coaching helps to reveal why someone behaves as they do. It then develops the desire to change and guides the person being coached in the actions necessary to make it happen.

Spending time with a coach enables managers to develop a new working style and behaviours that successfully achieve the results that he or she, or their manager, is aiming for.


Our sessions and programmes are entirely tailor-made and so can fit in with existing personal development programmes, follow a formal path or be on a more individual, flexible basis.

It’s normally beneficial to hold coaching sessions away from your company’s premises, somewhere comfortable and private; a place where the person being coached can reveal things that they may not feel comfortable revealing in a work environment. If your company has a suitably private room where it can be ensured that the session will not be interrupted, this may also be appropriate.

Typically, we work with the person being coached in person for two hours a month, with an hour's telephone session midway between face-to-face sessions. Some people, however, prefer to have all of their sessions by telephone or Skype, as it gives increased privacy and convenience. Whatever the format of the sessions, they are booked well in advance to allow for forward planning.

Sessions can be booked on a rolling, individual basis or in blocks. Each person’s progress and circumstances are different, so we’re happy to be guided by HR and/or the person’s manager.



We don’t ask clients to sign contracts as we prefer to operate on a system of honour and trust.

Fees are discussed during our first point of contact and an invoice is issued once a month, to be paid within 30 days. Travel and accommodation expenses are only charged in unusual circumstances and costs are discussed and agreed in advance.

We appreciate the pressures of business and that schedules change and will always endeavour to rearrange sessions where possible with no cancellation fee incurred. However, in order to protect our business, if a session is cancelled and we cannot reschedule within that week the full fee will be due.

Perhaps. . . promises to keep information imparted during sessions confidential and promises not to share contact details with any other person or company without the express permission of the person being coached.

Perhaps . . . coaches will not be held responsible for any actions taken, or not taken, following a coaching session – these actions are always the choice of the person being coached.



Today, successful leaders and managers recognise that the key to success lies more in ensuring that staff are happy and well motivated as it does in rigorous controls, systems and procedures.

We have many years’ experience working in a business environment and have a deep understanding of the theory and practice behind individual and team motivators.

We’ve worked with organisations ranging from major blue chip companies to small start-ups in both the USA and UK, and have coached and trained all levels, from CEOs through to junior managers and frontline staff, in both one-to-one and group sessions.

With our support, clients have made significant changes in their styles of working, living and relating to others that have:

  • Generated staggeringly good results for their companies
  • Given their career a dramatic boost
  • Had extremely positive effects in their personal lives.

Investing in business coaching for your team or selected individuals can have a profound effect on the success of your organisation. In addition to employees appreciating your investment in them, employees at all levels will develop the skills, qualities and self belief to:

  • Resolve issues faster
  • Achieve and contribute more
  • Be more motivated
  • Perform better
  • Build better relationships with colleagues and customers
  • Mentor, enthuse and get better results from their teams
  • Participate more in, and improve the outcome of, meetings
  • Become more creative
  • Stop procrastinating and become more assertive in decision making
  • Aim higher.



Most of us know how to do our jobs, but many of us don’t do them efficiently, to the best of our ability or get as much satisfaction from them as we could do.

Coaching for business can have a dramatic effect on your success and contentment at work.

It can help you to:

  • Gain more satisfaction from your work
  • Improve your performance and unlock your potential for promotion
  • Identify the behaviours that are holding you back from promotion
  • Realign your career goals and clarify the direction of your career
  • Change the course of your career or your profession
  • Practice the interview skills needed to help you to get your dream job
  • Improve the quality of your work relationships
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Increase your motivation and your ability to motivate others
  • Recognise and avoid distractions.


“Coaching with Pauleen has helped me to reduce and overcome a lot of my business and personal concerns by reinforcing my beliefs (and recognising my short falls). It has proved extremely beneficial being able to talk to someone not associated with my company and I now feel more confident about my long-term aims. Consequently, my satisfaction rating to my employment has increased to a much more acceptable level.”
Ian Stacey– senior manager in a market-leading UK construction company.

“Pauleen built an extremely good rapport and supportive relationship with me. She introduced me to a set of techniques to help me identify and achieve the results I needed…and was patient, non-judgemental and always looking out for my best interests.
I have been able to create a major shift in my thinking and dramatic changes in my, attitudes, personal and professional relationships. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Pauleen and her dedication to my growth that has meant I am now a much more focused and positive person who finds it easy to build productive relationships in all situations and achieve my objectives much more effortlessly.” 
Head of finance for an international telecom company

“Pauleen helped me to build the self belief to refocus my career. I’m now earning a living doing something that I love and have seen many benefits in my personal life too.”
Laura White– copywriter, Room 53  

“Pauleen has helped me and my business to become more creative, enabling us to perform better and achieve greater results.”
Deborah O’Grady– DESIGNIN Ltd

“A change of behaviour I have implemented is that I sat through a meeting and let all the participants debate the right and wrong ways to approach a new problem (even though I believed I already had the best plan in hand). Two major strategic points were then wrapped up, having a major effect on the associate retention and a successful handover to the new manager. By letting all participants have a solid input in the meeting, I picked up more information than I normally would. Also, one of the participants got a lot out of it simply in terms of personal development – letting him argue for his own point of view and win, then congratulating him, proved far more reinforcing than simply dictating what was to happen.”
HK – senior manager

“I am prioritising home time more. That is not to saying I am working less, just that when I am home I’m thinking about home – not work.”
HM – head of division

“Allowing real time for ‘planning’ now has a far stronger prominence in my mind. I have seen very real differences in team performance through the presence of a formal planning phase.  This was an essential discipline for me personally to focus on the priorities that I needed to.  It will have positive, knock-on effects for the team.” 
SP – director of logistics

“Generally, confidence is coming. I believe I am improving, that I have worth and that I can bring a lot to the party. I have become more analytical and measured in my responses and I am more willing to speak up even if controversial.” 
PC – manager

“I am more ready to delegate. I take the time to explain jobs to staff – to let them do the task without my interference. This allows me to correct my behaviour first so now I acknowledge that others can make a valid contribution where I originally thought they would not be as good as me in doing the task.”
D W-B – director of finance

“I challenge my beliefs instead of simply accepting them without questioning their validity and now I realize that I can also adopt new beliefs more consistent with my past experience and present situation. I realized that I was trained/disciplined to act and behave in a certain way unconsciously over time and that I could now consciously learn and unlearn certain things and learn/adopt new beliefs and attitudes that would gradually make real changes possible. The realization was that I was acting out of an acquired belief system that was no longer valid nor necessarily a fair reflection of the person that I had become. My confidence now creates an opportunity for others to become more confident as well.”
IG – call centre manager

“I noticed that my belief is not true. Now I am more confident in my language in meetings. I hesitate less before involving myself in conversations and my hands have not shaken! I now feel that I am not wasting time worrying about whether I am giving a good impression or not, rather getting on with my job and realising that I do carry out my job well. I did that by purely by being honest with myself and sharing my belief with my coach helped me to conquer it.” 
JL – senior team leader



During your free 30-minute coaching session we’ll discuss your aims and identify a goal to work towards, giving you a chance to experience how we work and a starting point for further development.


Whatever you want to know, whether it’s about coaching in general, or something specific about our coaching services, click here to ask us a question.