It is I
Perhaps it is I
Who will embrace you and assist you
On the pathway of your growth
I will uphold you
...Perhaps it is I

Pauleen Ward Brown
If you've experienced coaching before, you may find that Pauleen Ward Brown , founder of Perhaps . . . is different...

Bob Brown
In addition to being a coach and trainer, Bob is an experienced senior manager and engineer...


The Perhaps. . . team is a group of coaches, trainers and senior managers. We bring with us a wealth of experiences, knowledge and skills to guide and inform our work and to allow us to empathise easily with you, our clients. We're all rigorous in our own, personal journey, having spent many years developing ourselves. We continue to enjoy our own regular coaching sessions and to extend our professional development via frequent attendance on training programmes. We understand, therefore, what it's like to be in the hot seat!


Pauleen Ward Brown

If you've experienced coaching before, you may find that Pauleen Ward Brown, founder of Perhaps . . . is different.

A chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and with a Master of Science in Human Resource Development, Pauleen has been researching, developing and refining her own particular style of coaching and training since 1992.

Previously a successful manager and businesswoman in other industries, Pauleen has plenty of practical experience to support her theoretical knowledge. She specialises in personal development, leadership, change and soft skills training, and regularly runs personal mastery and self-esteem courses.

Pauleen creates a comfortable environment of caring, openness and trust. She'll lead you through a pragmatic exploration of the beliefs that are blocking your progress and holding you back from unfettered happiness. Her creative style, both in coaching sessions and the training room, generates an extraordinary experience that has very powerful effects and generates inspirational results.

Pauleen's coaching for business clients include everyone from CEOs to frontline staff and her personal coaching clients come from a broad variety of backgrounds. All, however, want to change something in their lives.

Pauleen has an unusual depth of intuition, empathy and insight, with a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of individual and group motivators. Her clients have made huge changes in their lives and management styles and achieved excellent results for their companies and for their personal contentment.



Bob Brown

In addition to being a coach and trainer, Bob is an experienced senior manager and engineer with many years of management consultancy experience. He specialises in waste elimination, systems and life cycle thinking, continuous productivity improvement, value enhancement, sustainability change management and environment management.

Bob also has a great deal of experience in supply chain resource planning, manufacturing logistics and process systems, in particular systems engineering for information, industrial, nuclear, management and environmental systems.

One of the key successes of Bob's training style is his ability to act as a facilitator between what is now and what is possible. As a coach, he has a sharp perception of how critical gaps in management's understanding of cultural issues can block corporate cross-cultural cooperation.

Bob also has a strong understanding of individual and organisational psychology and human dynamics, which enables him to train and coach people to achieve high levels of performance.

Click here to read Bob's article, "Waste Not, Want Not", published in Professional Consultancy, the journal of the Institute of Management Consultancy.



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